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Gold $5,474
Silver $518
Guidance on weight Nisab in tola 7.5 tola
Base Nisab on value of
Gold & Silver
Business Assets


How to Calculate Zakat?

The first step in giving Zakat is the calculation of one’s wealth, called the nisab. The nisab is determined by the market value of certain amounts of gold and silver, which are traditionally used as a measure of wealth in Islamic culture. The amount of Zakat that must be given is 2.5% of one’s wealth, which includes cash, savings, investments, and gold and silver. However, it is not just limited to these, agricultural produce, livestock, and any trade items also falls under the category of zakat calculation. It is important to note that Zakat is calculated based on one’s net wealth, after taking into account any outstanding debts or liabilities.
It is important to know who the eligible recipients of Zakat are referred to as the “as-sadaqaat,” which includes the poor, the needy, and those who work to collect and distribute Zakat. Additionally, Zakat can also be given to new Muslims, slaves, those in debt, and those who are fighting in the cause of Allah. It is also considered good practice to give Zakat to one’s own family, relatives and the community.
Muslims can give Zakat to the poor or to the charities that work to help the poor and needy. In some communities there are zakat committees that collect Zakat from Muslims and distribute it among the poor, this practice is also acceptable.
It is pertinent to note that Zakat should not be confused with sadaqah, or voluntary charity. While sadaqah is encouraged and is a way to earn blessings, Zakat is mandatory and is a legal obligation for Muslims.
In conclusion, the practicalities of giving zakat donation in Canada involve calculating one’s net wealth, determining the eligible recipients, and giving it in a timely manner, preferably during the month of Ramadan. Calculate the zakat al-Fitr amount in Canada to purify your wealth. It is important for Muslims to be mindful and aware of the obligations of Zakat and to give it with the intention of purifying their wealth and helping those in need.
There are various ways of giving Zakat, whether it is directly to the needy individuals or through the organizations and institutions that collect and distribute Zakat. Regardless of the method of giving, it is important to ensure that the Zakat reaches to the right people and serves its purpose of helping the poor and needy.