Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Be true to your purpose and chase that dream, with Allah’s blessings. Unlock the potential within yourself to Dream, Plan and take Action on the life you want.


The progress you make turns into momentum, and it pleases your Lord, making more changes easier to achieve!


Goals are dreams with deadlines. Decide your destination, seek Allah’s guidance and follow the steps to success.


We have developed a daily planning tool to help you make progress and achieve your goals, while fulfilling Allah’s plan.


Ensure you're making progress everyday. Allah’s loves consistency, and remember small actions lead to big results.


Daily, weekly & monthly inspirational words will motivate you and help you achieve new heights of personal and spiritual enlightenment.

Muslimi's team is here to help you Win:

  • Get organized and inspired
  • Keep learning and growing
  • Stay focused on living a good balanced life
  • Set goals for the Duniyah and Akhirah
  • Build progress & get closer to Allah
  • Get stuff done and drive change in your world

Your Search for the Ultimate Goal Book and Progress Diary is Over

We all have goals. You may want to be a global speaker, or perhaps you’d prefer to build homes for a living. Maybe you want to open your own business, or learn the Arabic. These dreams and aspirations are central to our lives, but not everyone finds the right path in order to turn them into reality.